TSS NBA Playoffs Review: The NBA Finals

06.15.09 9 years ago 18 Comments

And then there was one.  The pic pretty much says it all, but we’ll still throw in a few words for good measure. Black Mamba finally got his own ring and I think the only person who would’ve had a chance to defeat him would have had to gone by the nickname Mongoose or something.  Superman & Co. put up a valiant effort and were a few plays (and a lot of turnovers) from this series still going on, but it wasn’t meant to be. Kobe got his ring without Shaq, Phil passed Red & Dwight, LeBron and Carmelo will have to wait til next year.  As will we, even though the end result was a bit anti-climatic, next year looks be great with several teams vying for dominance in both Conferences.

Stern’s got the decks stacked with LA, Orlando, Cleveland, Denver & Boston all believing they have a shot.  Even under them Dallas, Utah, New Orleans, Chicago and San Antonio all have to like their chances as well with the right moves during the summer.  Thankfully draft posturing, trade rumors and free agency should help keep SportsCenter from playing an endless loop of diving catches and andro home runs.

So to wrap this up, let’s take one last look at our picks we made way back before the first round was underway.  And somehow, Pat still came out on top despite drinking an absurdly large amount of the hometown Kool-Aid picking Boston to win the chip this year.  Those half points for picking the series lengths added up in the end.

Patrick M. – 14 points

MZ – 13 1/2 points

S. Cadet – 13 1/2 points

Jesse H. – 11 1/2 points

Oh yeah, don’t let Beware fool you into thinking Detroit won Lord Stanley’s Cup, because they didn’t.  I’d make a Detroit joke, but someone sent me a Trick Trick video on Twitter today.

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