Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love Take Youngbloods To School In “Uncle Drew, Part 2”

11.01.12 5 years ago 26 Comments

There’s just so many things awesome about this clip it’s difficult to pick just one. So I didn’t.

1. As if Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love weren’t already two of my favorite young hoopers in the league, this video was the nail in the coffin.

2. Anytime you can get a Bill Russell appearance, it’s a win.

3. I know these commercials aren’t real, but they feel real. And that’s all that matters at the end of the day. Yes, it is completely believable two 80-something ballers could go to a Crenshaw, California, court and dominate with moves most NBA stars could only imagine pulling off. Thats perfectly possible. You’re lying to yourself if you think it’s not.

In all seriousness, this Pepsi Max “Uncle Drew” campaign is golden and one which should continue to grow legs as Irving carves up opposing defenses on the court. And hopefully, K-Love, “Wes,” will be a permanent fixture in the evolving series off the strength he’s a naturally funny guy to begin with. The best thing about the commercial though?

The fact no one convinced Love nor Kyrie to wear those John Stockton short-shorts. I’m not so sure I would have ever clicked play with that knowledge in mind.

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