Ladies, Let Brian McKnight “Show You” Something

04.24.12 6 years ago 30 Comments

Stating the obvious, R&B’s suffered an identity crisis but there remained a few artists who upheld tradition, crafting ballads in the midst of sexually-frustrated dance tracks with a rap in the middle. Brian McKnight was one of those traditionalist, until last night’s decision to preview a new song from a proposed “adult mixtape.” Before you watch the clip, do read the lyrics and be advised you’ll want to listen on low volume, otherwise everyone’s going to think you’re as pervy as Brian.

“Lemme show you how ya p*ssy works. I bet u didn’t know that it could squirt.”

cena gif

And all this time I though McKnight was a confirmed bachelor and here he is explaining the finer points of how coochies can be manipulated. “Let Me Show You…” sounds like music meant to prelude a rape, the kind of song that would have Stabler and Benson at your door. To his credit, McKnight warned his Twitter followers that the song was meant for adults only, but that didn’t stop the hate from flooding his timeline. While I’m not sure on his notion that he “mind-f*cked the world” but he’s right in the assertion that nobody cared when he was writing safer, more customary ballads. One nasty track and Brian McKnight’s on the map, at least for the moment.

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