Lady Gaga Uses Cocaine?

08.04.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

Lady Gaga’s got a knack for making headlines and she doesn’t disappoint with her recent interview for Vanity Fair, where she reveals her pleasure for powdering her nose (“I won’t lie; it’s occasional. And when I say occasional, I mean maybe a couple of times a year”) and professing the belief that her creative power lies between her thighs. Oh yeah, she poses stark naked as well.

Lady Gaga on drugs:

“I do not want my fans to ever emulate that or be that way. I don’t want my fans to think they have to be that way to be great. It’s in the past. It was a low point, and it led to disaster,” Gaga added. “I was completely mental and had just been through so much… I hit rock bottom, and it was enough to send a person over the edge. My mother knew the truth about that day, and she screamed so loud on the other end of the phone, I’ll never forget it. And she said, ‘I’m coming to get you.’ “

Gaga on sex, celibacy and creativity:

“I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they’re going to take my creativity from me through my vagina… I’m perpetually lonely. I’m lonely when I’m in relationships. It’s my condition as an artist. My song [‘Bad Romance’] is about whether I go after those [sort of relationships] or if they find me. I’m quite celibate now; I don’t really get time to meet anyone.”

No real shockers here since I assume that most superstars & entertainers keep a hard drug inside their creative tool belts for inspirational purpose. The fact that Gaga admits to using bouncing powder in an interview is what I have to admire. We tried unsuccessfully to get Boosie to come clean regarding coke references in his music and all we got was an awkward confession about sticking Ecstasy in girls’ anal cavities.

The September issue of Vanity Fair will be available on newsstands nationwide on August 10th.

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