Lady Gaga And R. Kelly Damn Near Had Sex During Their ‘SNL’ Performance

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11.17.13 35 Comments

Your Sunday morning dose of awkwardness is being brought to you today by Lady Gaga and R. Kelly. The two artists performed their hit “Do What U Want” on SNL Saturday night and it was simply marvelous — that’s if you live in an alternate universe where “marvelous” means “bizarre,” “weird,” and “WTF?” because that’s exactly what the hell it was.

The sex show started with a sparkly jumpsuit-wearing Gaga singing and “dancing” like Liza Minnelli.

No big deal.

Dressed as Future, Robert walked on stage and immediately picked Gaga up over his shoulder and just…sang.

Okay. What was the problem?

Next, Gaga got on her feet, touched her toes and Arruh rubbed and smacked her butt.


Then Gaga got on her knees and stimulated a blow job while Robert sang.

Oh my.

And apparently that was all just foreplay because Kellz was now on top of Gaga, licking her neck and doing push-ups all while Mother Monster sang.

Call the FCC!

Both got on their feet and Gaga hoped on Arruh, stimulating more bow chicka wow wow. Then the performance ended with a tight embrace that I’m thinking was suppose to be the cuddling portion of their sexing.

End scene.

I guess it’s the notoriously eccentric Gaga who now has to keep up since Miley’s pushing the envelope off the table and into the trash. Quoting Lily Allen, “it’s hard out here for a bitch.” Emoji sad face.

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