Trail Blazers’ LaMarcus Aldridge May Want Chicago Move, Bulls Fans Certainly Fire Up ESPN’s Trade Machine

06.27.13 5 years ago 19 Comments

San Antonio Spurs vs Portland Trail Blazers

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Slam Magazine’s MULTIPLE SOURCES* stated Portland Trail Blazers’ LaMarcus Aldridge. may not be all-in on The Portland Trail Blazers’ current situation. He reportedly wants a move to the Bulls. LaMarcus refuted those claims but, even if he’s telling the truth, athletes’ history in backtracking trade talks don’t help. Additionally, there’s no indication of a trade being influenced by his love for Chicago’s deep dish pizzas.

Portland has one of the best young PG’s today in Damien Lillard but have next to no bench support. However Chicago’s bench isn’t worlds better and Thibs makes his core guys work overtime. Aldridge would still log close to 40 minutes a game as he’s been doing for five years running. Additionally, who knows how he’d play with Derrick Rose.

At the same time this rumor could open the opportunity for Chicago to make good on their puzzling 2006 Draft Day trade. The Bulls selected LaMarcus second overall but traded him for then-fourth pick Tyrus Thomas. Aldridge progressed one of the league’s best power forwards while Tyrus became a dummy with hops.

Any inkling of Chicago improving their front line has to get their fans excited. So excited, in fact, they’re probably heading to ESPN’s Trade Machine to play desktop GM. What potential trades do you have lined up?

Personally, I can’t see any deal without a Carlos Boozer exit strategy. The easy option calls for moving Boozer’s acrylic hairline and Jimmy Butler to Portland for LMA. Chicago loves Jimmy but you have to give value to get value. Besides, seeing Boozer go should be a joyful event for the Madhouse faithful anyway. Possibly seeing LMA get traded back to Chicago tonight would be a cool, full-circle moment for basketball geeks as well.

* — Slam cited The Oregonian and Chicago’s Daily Herald. I just couldn’t let an opportunity to hike on Chris Broussard slip away.

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