Larry King Interviewing DJ Khaled Is As Entertaining As It Sounds

08.08.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

Larry King

Absolutely no trolling went into this next sentence: I love watching DJ Khaled interviews.

So upon seeing The Mouth of The South was the latest guest on Larry King Now, clicking play was a foregone conclusion. As Gotty has said for years, Rick Ross’ ability to remain in character has been nothing short of amazing, despite the claims of a peppered past and attempts on his life. Khaled’s the same way in a sense.

Khaled’s always, always, always in character. So when he compares himself to Barry Gordy and Quincy Jones, you believe him. Not that he’s in any universe comparable to the aforementioned duo, but you believe that he believes it. Other interesting tidbits include Khaled’s 30-year drought on returning to the Middle East, how he could stand to practice his faith more (Islam) and how a fear of flying impacts his career.

My favorite part of the entire segment? Easy.

King: So how did you gain all the weight?

Khaled: Ummm, just eating a lot!

Khaled interviews aren’t Webbie interviews, but they’re well-worth the time to pass at work. It’s Friday, you’re not trying to do work anyway.

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