Tyler, The Creator Talks Leaving Rap, Loving Jennifer Lawrence During Larry King Interview

06.04.14 4 years ago 14 Comments

Truth be told, a few years back when we were reviewing Tyler, The Creator’s Goblin, I’m pretty sure I was one of the biggest voices against the album. It did nothing for me. The topics Tyler addressed weren’t all that entertaining. And he wasn’t really establishing himself as a go-to artist to expect dope sh*t from. Personally speaking, of course.

Three years later – and not that Tyler gives a damn either way – my stance on dude has softened. In fact, Tyler the entrepreneur is someone I’ve grown to respect more seeing his business ventures outside the booth. The Odd Future HNIC sat down with Larry King of all people where they discussed a myriad of topics over the course of a 27-minute interview, including his growing boredom and dislike for rap (“I hate rapping, only because it puts you in this box”), his aspirations for film work and what he ultimately wants to be remembered for. And yes, he throws in his bid for Jennifer Lawrence (“If you watching this, leave the n**** you with!”)

Tyler is always going to be himself, an otherwise admirable character trait that has worked to and against his favor on multitudinous occasions. This exact personality is on full display with King as Tyler speaks with the same “candor” which has become as his calling card since rising to fame. He speaks his mind, possibly offensive thoughts and words be damned. Yet, he also proves himself to be a young man with progressive ambitions constantly thinking two and three steps ahead.

Give Larry credit, too. Despite probably not knowing much of anything about Tyler or OF’s movement, the iconic professional made the conversation between an 80-year-old TV host and 23-year-old rapper/producer/skateboarder/actor/clothing designer/director about as authentic and natural as conceivably possible.

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