Reportedly, LeBron’s Return To The Cavaliers Was Just Part Of The Deal

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07.11.14 31 Comments

Chris Broussard and Stephen A. Smith may want to link up with Q-Tip’s people because while Broussard and Smith were citing “sources” and talking out their asses during #LeBronWatch2014, Q-Tip was delivering the real.

Reports began circulating on July 3rd that LeBron’s agent had met with the Cavaliers, Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks. A day later, the veteran rapper took to Twitter and revealed his own “inside source” told him LBJ was going home.

Now that the NBA’s current second greatest player has officially returned, Q-Tip’s back and spilling more beans.

According to Tip, LeBron’s got his eyes set on ownership as he hopes to become one of the owners of his hometown team in the next six to eight years.

Tip also has sources in New York. While we wait for the official word on Carmelo Anthony’s decision to remain a New York Knick, the A Tribe Called Quest rapper says Melo is staying put, aaaand Kevin Durant will be joining him when KD becomes a free agent in 2016, but only if OKC Thunder fail to bring home a championship next year.

I hope the KD info came from the same source Broussard uses or else me and the rest of the Thunder fans are utterly fucked.

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