LeBron James When Asked About Under Armour: ‘Who?’

12.16.15 2 years ago

Note to all media: LeBron James only speaks Nike. That’s all and that’s it. It’s a quick lesson one reporter learned the hard way.

During the post-game interviews after Cleveland’s win in Boston, the wiseguy scribe decided to try his luck and quiz LeBron on something related to Under Armour. I can’t really tell you exactly what the guy was trying to ask because King James cut that convo off quick by responding with a curt “Who?” and feigning confusion. From there, he shut down any talk about UA by saying, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Who? The other guys?”

Apparently, this little Peter Parker didn’t get the memo that James and Nike just inked a lifetime deal together last week, one of the largest in sports history, because he kept fumbling and trying to ask his ill-thought inquiry. James deaded it all by saying “I don’t know who Under Armour is, I only know Nike.”

It’s hard to find fault with LBJ here. If Phil Knight paid me “significantly more than the $500 million”, I wouldn’t even think of other brands, much less whisper their names. The Swoosh doesn’t give me crap and I still consider myself a staunch supporter of the brand, maybe even a lifer, too. In fact, if Nike paid me that much, I’d go so far as to learn how to speak whatever damn language they wanted me to speak. And, I definitely wouldn’t allow the words “Under Armour” roll off my tongue under any circumstances.

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