LeBron Sent An Edible Olive Branch To All Of His Ohio Neighbors

07.23.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

You know, contrary to popular belief, LeBron James isn’t the only player in the NBA. It’s just feels like it this summer. He’s somehow trumped Doc Rivers throwing his weight around telling the Clippers, “If Sterling stays, I go” whether he means it or not. Ask anyone who won the summer league championship and likely 98% of people will respond with “the summer league has a championship?” It’s the Kings, by the way. He’s made Eric Bledsoe’s hunt for a robust contract back page news. He’s even forced the Lakers head coaching search to the back burner.

Simply put, LeBron – more so the media – owes everyone a damn cupcake. And that’s exactly what people in his neighborhood (the Ohio one, not the Miami one) are receiving. Even before James’ four-page letter on Sports Illustrated was published, cars packed with desperate Cavs fans began lining the streets preparing for a celebration (or riot if things went the other way).

Things got sort of crazy as expected once the return was confirmed. To extend the olive branch, the James family has apparently sent cupcakes to all their neighbors in the form of an edible apology.

The rich get cupcakes. And I’m going to go out on a limb and say this was Savannah’s idea.

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