Watch Gameplay From New ‘Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past 2’

04.19.13 5 years ago 19 Comments

If you fancy yourself a real gamer, you have at least one incredible Zelda experience under your belt. Whether that be an epic, fully-rendered adventure like Ocarina of Time or Skyward Sword or the 32-bit epics that used to grace your Gameboy, Nintendo’s beloved franchise is as good as they come. So when news breaks that a sequel to Super Nintendo-classic A Link To The Past is coming, the only appropriate response looks something like:

Simply titled The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2, this Nintendo 3DS title looks to pay homage to its predecessor while injecting new life into the franchise. And if this gameplay preview video is any indication, Nintendo’s mission should be accomplished. Seriously, transforming Link into a hieroglyph looks like one of the best puzzle features the series has ever seen, and given the name’s track record, the quality should follow form.

The game is scheduled for a Q4 2013 release date, but maybe if we all band together and send Nintendo some flattering letters, they’ll release it sooner.

Seen: IGN

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