“Become A Third Wheel (Like A Bosh)”

11.18.10 7 years ago 59 Comments

…Aaaaaaand the Trade Chris Bosh show continues with The Basketball Jones’ latest e-hit in “Like A Bosh.” The flick may seem like a shameless Lonely Island or Slim Thug knock off depending on who you ask. But never mind that. There are plenty of undeniable truths in this parody as they constantly harp on South Beach’s elephant in the room. It’s just hilarious to see them use the least flattering imagery possible to seal the deal. Also I can’t help laughing at the vid’s screencap of his screw face.

But the joke is ultimately on me since Miami’s can’t-do-right is on my fantasy team. Case in point, his 35 point outing in a blowout dub over Phoenix last night was unexpected. But his paltry 6 boards goes to show he forgot to rebound…”Like a Bosh.”

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