Lil Durk’s Still Dissin’ Tyga, The Game

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06.23.14 16 Comments

Lil Durk - 0 To 300

While Game has moved onto dissing everybody, and Tyga hasn’t even really paid attention, Lil Durk is busy trying to keep a beef alive that we have all stopped caring about weeks ago. With his take on Drake’s well-worn “0 To 100,” retitled “0 To 300” for Durk’s purposes, he spends the latter half of the song dedicated lines to his West Coast foes.

“I was in LA, Game wanted a hook n****
Menace he my witness want that look n****
Tyga went to go pay ’em I think he shook n****

How you gon dickride the block then get a pass n****?
I see you in LA you ain’t get no pass now”

Look, I get it. Durk has a mixtape and an album on the way, and Game killing him was the most publicity he’s received in a long time so he’s trying to take advantage of it. Thanks to that we get the Chicago youngster trying his hardest over here, but he probably would have been better off just dropping his new single or something.

I know, free publicity, no press is bad press and all that good stuff. Cool, whatever. But clearly Durk’s arms are too small to hotbox with the likes of Game and (embarrassingly so) Tyga. Maybe it’s time for Durk to just take his L (no pun) and move on.

Or he can keep putting out half-assed “freestyles” that will make me care about his music even less.

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