Lil Kim Sued For $15 Million

Life Writer
05.06.13 6 Comments

Lil Kim’s tepid comeback just suffered a major blow. The Queen Bee reportedly is being sued for $15 million by a licensing company that claims Kim inked an agreement and later bailed out. According to Andrew Ro of International Rock Star Corp, Kim signed a deal in August 2012 that would’ve seen the pint-sized rapper rolling out products from perfumes to shoes to liquor, but Ro says the 38-year-old rapper reneged. Ro claims Kim was a “menace to work with,” who refused to come to meetings unless she was being paid extra. The company and Kim were able to come out with a perfume line but Ro says Kim refused to promote the product and eventually stopped taking his calls altogether.

This is the second round of their court battle. Kim initially sued Andrew Ro for $1 million back in March, claiming he and his business partner Sunny Barkats bamboozled her into signing over nearly half of her earnings from branding and licensing deals.

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