It’s Lil Tunechi Weekend Y’all!

05.28.10 8 years ago 16 Comments

Despite being deemed an abomination by many, Lil Wayne’s Rebirth still managed to result in a success sales-wise, achieving gold status even withstanding Amazon’s early leak. Some call it consumer confidence while others refer to it as blind support for an otherwise obvious attempt to squeeze every dime out of the public’s pockets. Whatever the actual answer is, the interest in his music hasn’t dwindled, even if it is just to say “it’s wack” or “he needs to rap like (insert era) again.”

Weeks before his date with Rikers, Weezy perched himself atop of South Beach’s Marlin Hotel with !MAYDAY! to shoot the video for “Da Da Da” with hundreds of Miami residents witnessing the entire spectacle. What he’s saying for the majority of the song, however, is still difficult to decipher. Oh, well. Given the chance this David Rousseau directed picture doesn’t keen to your fancy, there will be other chances. This weekend, an additional three videos will also be making their debuts on MTVJams for what has officially been dubbed “Lil Tunechi Weekend.”

In case you lost count, The Carter has 159 days of his federally-sponsored sabbatical remaining.

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