Marcos Maidana Almost Pushed Back ‘Tha Carter 5’ Indefinitely

05.05.14 4 years ago 18 Comments

Give Marcos Maidana credit. He had a game plan against Floyd Mayweather, and unlike nearly everyone who has ever stepped inside the ring with “The Best Ever,” stuck to it for 12 rounds. The fact of the matter his buffet of wild punches (and an accidental headbutt, and punches to the nuts and top of the head) ultimately left him as No. 46 on Floyd’s resume. Mayweather connected on more punches (230 to 221) while throwing throw half the shots needed (858 to 426).*

Also give Maidana credit for not folding Lil Wayne like a lawn chair after the fight. Somehow, the boxer’s camp and the rapper’s band of brothers – including Lil Twist – stood toe-to-toe. The true reason for the dust-up remains unclear, but Weezy is seen clearly upset and yelling. Word on the street is Birdman J.R. took offense to alleged taunts from Maidana and his camp.

Wayne isn’t a chump, and that’s commendable. But this is a professional boxer, one who made life uncomfortable for Floyd only minutes earlier. And this is the guy you’re trying to scrap with?** Methinks this was one of those occasions where a guy doesn’t want to throw hands, but instead wants to be held back. Because believe me (no pun intended), if Weezy would’ve gotten his opportunity to see Maidana with the hands, Marcos would have left Vegas with at least one victory to his name.

Update: According to TMZ Sports, Wayne was reportedly hit with a water bottle and stepped to Maidana’s trainer whom he believed threw it at him. Hence the reason Tune was ready to pounce like a spider monkey.

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* – CompuBox says 221 punches landed is the most ever for any Mayweather opponent in the 38 fights it has tracked from him.

** – And even if it wasn’t Maidana specifically he had issues with, picking fights with boxing trainers isn’t a smart idea either. Especially when a couple of those guys looked like Bill Goldberg.

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