Sing Along To Lil Wayne’s “Tina Turn Up Needs A Tune Up”

05.22.14 4 years ago 17 Comments

Lil Wayne Tina Turn Up Needs a Tune Up

Weezy Wednesdays hit its thirteenth installment yesterday. Hurrah! And this week’s episode features Weezer with an in-studio performance of a song titled “Tina Turn Up Needs A Tune Up” with vocal assistance from Young Moolah members Lil Twist and Euro. Four very brief thoughts:

1. No dry snitching but isn’t Weezy still on parole? If so, should he be holding that left-handed cigarette? If he’s not on parole, please ignore the remark and carry on. Just stay away from the Styrofoam cups pretty please, Weez.

2. How nice of him to find a task for Lil Twist. That boy needs hobbies to keep him out of trouble.

3. I don’t rap. Rarely visit any studios. But this sure looks like a hoot and makes me think being a rapper could be fun.

4. When we shared “D’usse,” I said that Wayne having fun again is fun to hear and watch. As off the rails as “Tina Turn Up…” is, watching Wayne smile, laugh and rap is refreshing.

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