Lil Wayne x “Hot Revolver” x Framing Henleys

11.19.08 9 years ago 21 Comments

Figured I’d get all the Wayne fuckery out of the way with one simple post.

First up, Mike @ illRoots sent this one over…

Lil’ Wayne – Hot Revolver

…and it sounds like…aural codeine & I ain’t sick.

Clean swiped this one from Necole Bitchie. Personally, I found myself more fond of this remake of “Lollipop” made by the…well read this for yourself…

The band played the reimagined track at a show in its hometown of Nashville a few days later, and shortly after that, fans began requesting it via the act’s MySpace page. The demand prompted Framing Hanley to record the song and upload it. “The plays went through the roof,” Nixon said.

That’s right folks. Nashville.

I told you fools. It’s the new L.A. You might want to skip to the 2:30 mark to avoid the long-ass intro.

AUDIO — Framing Hanley – Lollipop

Lil Wayne Cover Opens The Door For Framing Hanley [Reuters]

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