Lionel Messi Dances Like A Damn Ballerina On Argentina’s First Goal Against Belgium

07.05.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

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One of the World Cup’s many stock talking points has been whether or not Lionel Messi has been properly supported by his Argentine teammates at this year’s tournament (see: Argentina’s game against Nigeria a few weeks ago).

While those vehemently claiming Messi is carrying his team on his back like ‘Bron on the Cavs, it’s a tad overblown, as Gonzalo Higuaín’s strike put la Albiceleste into the lead only eight minutes into their quarterfinal with Belgium.

Watch the thing below, but it’s a shame this Vine only includes the strike–which, granted, is a professional hit, Higuaín catching the half-volley off a deflected bounce.

But Messi’s being Messi and supposedly being the only player worth a damn on this squad this month, he set up the initial cross from Ángel di María. Messi dribbled through the midfield, pirouetting around Belgium’s Kevin De Bruyne and Marouane Fellaini before supplying di María. This is every youth soccer coach’s wet dream because Messi essentially just showed why those annoying-ass, tiring cone-dribbling drills are necessary in preseason.

Argentina leads 1-0 at the time of publishing.

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