The iPod Shuffle – Little Brother’s “The Yo-Yo”

10.15.12 5 years ago 19 Comments

Music in your formative years often ties to a good memory or feeling. Thus the association explains why we cling to songs from our respective eras so tightly as if they were our kin.

For instance, introduction to Little Brother took place in high school. You could find a more awkward, 17-year-old version of myself playing Little Brother’s “The Yo-Yo,” along with the rest of The Listening on repeat while scouring the internets for any loosies featuring LB members. Remember when 9ths beats were all over Soulseek, Kazaa and Limewire? Good times indeed.

Anyway, “The Yo-Yo” set off my LB fandom and gave me perfect recluse from NY radio dominated by freeze frame artists. Plus it gave me free reign to shout “My black queen…don’t know nann n***a!” whenever I felt like it. I got some weird stares but hey, it was worth it. Phonte’s a funny guy.

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