Watch LL Cool J Performing Live In 1985 For A Group Of Kids

01.30.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

On the flipside of how far rap has come (and the polar opposite of Gucci’s education push), here’s a really rare, odd clip of LL Cool J in action for a group of kids circa 1985. The clip plus YouTube description are the things Hip-Hop history is made of.

“LL Cool J at age 17 and DJ Cut Creator perform live. 1985, Colby College, Waterville Maine. 5 months before ‘Radio’ was released. Rap of Maine.

The announcer and singer at the end is Cornell Clark, who LL has described as his mentor.

LL was paid $500 for the show. Since he was the only rap act, he was worried it would a be short performance, so my dad suggested he fill it in with the scratching and beatboxing education.”

Even though the footage is grainy at best, the audio quality is crisp and warrants entertaining. Forget that Uncle L had to explain to the kids exactly what was going on. The dopest part of the clip is that Cut Creator was just as important as LL was to the show. That and knowing that LL did a thirty-minute set for what looks like a very adolescent crowd who had no clue what the hell was going on.

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