“Lookin’ At Ya Kids Like…”

03.21.09 9 years ago 17 Comments

“…Sh*t, This is my son, This nigga came from my nuts, Same feeling when you first heard ‘Time’s Up’…” – Blu

Allow me to don my backpack & Aiwa’s for a moment and remind of you ’94. When they speak of the year, they often wax poetic about the “classic albums” but forget the one song that owned mixtapes for months on end.

You lack the minerals and vitamins, Irons and the niacin…”

Plus, I needed a reason to…

a.) …to reference the Blu track which I love so dearly. More on that shortly.

b.) …use that picture, which we shall now call the “Ferris face,” the visage you don when a song is just that d*mn nasty. That facial expression that’s an equal mix of emotions, the elation of being overwhelmed & complete blissful disgust @ how ill a track is that first time. It’s what I felt like the first twelve times I heard O.C.’s joint. The internet has many colloquialisms. Add “Ferris face” to the lexicon, right alongside “Rickey Retardo,” “eghck” and any Max B. slang.

O.C. – Time’s Up

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