Lupe Fiasco Lashes Out Against Radio Stations For Promoting Violence

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02.28.13 61 Comments

Rant season is in full swing. First Kanye, now fellow Chi-town brethren Lupe Fiasco is getting some ish off his chest.

During a performance at The Filmore in Silver Spring, Maryland yesterday, Wasalu lashed against “hypocritical” radio stations who complain about violence, only to turn around and play songs promoting the lifestyle.

It kill me how motherf*ckers talkin’ all that, ‘man, the streets are f*cked up. All these young dudes is shootin’ at each other. All these girls out here running around wreckless. All this other crazy sh*t.’ Then it be them same motherf*ckers that go on their radio stations and play they motherf*ckin’ songs like that sh*t ain’t f*ckin [inaudible].

Lupe also attacked consumers during his rant:

Motherf*ckers sit around in their cars like, ‘aww man, this sh*t is all f*cked up.’ Yeah and then they turn up the same sh*t that a motherf*cker doing on the streets, riding to that sh*t. He got no problems ridin’ to it, but motherf*ckers [inaudible] street, he got motherf*cking problems with him.

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