Lupe Fiasco – “SLR 3 (Round Of Applause)”

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08.18.13 14 Comments

More of Lupe Fiasco’s passive aggressiveness for your lovely Sunday.

Lupe flexes his lyrical muscles over a beat provided by longtime collaborator Soundtrakk. Given the mentions (“So what we got here? Some Top Ramen talking about some top tier…”), is “SLR 3” a Kendrick response? *shrugs* I don’t care because I was too busy being caught up in the clever wordplay and overall god-like status of the song. Hyperbole much? Not even! Entendres galore! Yikes, I think my rap nerd is showing.

But it looks like Lu will continue to “pop sh*t” since it keeps his name out there, thus saving him a few bucks that would’ve otherwise gone to his expensive publicist.

Soak it in while I get all Lupe fangirly again like it’s 2005.

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