Expect Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Tetsuo & Youth’ Album To Be Intellectual & Ratchet

06.12.14 4 years ago 22 Comments

Lupe Fiasco has had an interesting year. “Dopeboyallstarweekend” and “Thorns And Horns” are virtually garaunteed spots in the Intermission. They also are aggressive, mean and heavy, adjectives that don’t really align with whatever conscious image of Lupe that naturally conjures. Food And Liquor, this is not.

From the sounds of it, Tetsuo And Youth is going to follow this rougher-around-the-edges vibe, at least in certain corners. In an interview with MTV, Fiasco even goes so far as to call a portion of the album ratchet.


MTV: You’ve also used ratchet to describe the album, which is a little bit unexpected from you. How do you transitition… into a “ratchet” album?

Lupe: It’s very simple, you just put out the next song. It’s funny because the album is kind of compartmentalized into these different zones. So there’s like a ratchet zone in the album. Really good records, but they’re unapologetically ratchet.

MTV: This is, like, summer in the club ratchet?

Lupe: Yeah, like summer in the club… but with my twist. You know, with a Lupe twist. Like, “ahh, Lupe, you got us again.”

MTV: Who did you work on these records with?

Lupe: Ty Dolla $ign. The king of ratchet-ness, who is also my homie and an amazing musician and artist. Me and him went in and did a record which may or may not be the next single… the label wanted to dive into it first, like “let’s just do that one first,” but I was like “nah, let’s put out substance first. Let’s do “Mission.” And then we’ll have the after-party.”

*breaks out phone, starts tweeting something about ratchet being so 2013*

I love Lupe. I really want him to succeed and find his way back up the mountain. But it’s impossible to hear him talking about Atlantic’s involvement in his career and not snap back to the disappointment that was Lasers. I can’t say for sure when he plummeted to “Top 10 in the game” to his current state, but putting out a dud commercial album like that definitely didn’t help.

And this talk of ratchet… eh, it’s easy to read between the lines, but I find it incredibly hard to believe that a 32-year-old emcee with his track record woke up one morning, thinking “you know what direction I should take this thing? Ratchet.”

Basically, the few of us left waiting for a complete return to form are probably going to have to wait a bit longer.

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