Macklemore Explains How He Thinks “Kendrick Got Robbed” By The Grammys

01.27.14 4 years ago 40 Comments

Macklemore’s the man of hour but he’s suffering from the blessing and the curse of being the guy who won a rap Grammy even though he maybe shouldn’t have. All along, he’s been somewhat forced to plead his case on how he feels that Kendrick should’ve been the recipient of the prestigious honor and he did so again on Hot 97 on Monday.

“What makes it awkward for me,” Macklemore explained,” is the fact that you never want to be the person that is robbing somebody else.” On the air, Mack broke down how the Grammy voting works and explained pretty concisely what happened.

Apparently, all the voters are big personalities that are somehow involved with music, and they get a ballot for all genres. With that being the case, people who specialize in rock or country, for example, still have to vote for the nominees in the Hip-Hop categories as well. As Mack explains it, when someone who isn’t as in tune with the genre has to vote, they lean towards the breakout hits of which he and Ryan Lewis did have more than Kendrick. The situation sounds similar to what an unnamed source claimed angered members of the voting group last.

Yes, awkward for all parties involved.

Listen to the audio of the Hot97 call below.

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