When It Rains It Pours: FOX News Dug Up Macklemore’s Old Tweets

01.28.14 4 years ago 34 Comments

Words By DrHipHop85

After catching serious flack for practically sweeping the Grammys’ rap categories and having the sincerity of his apology questioned, Macklemore should be out the gauntlet that is a media shitstorm by now, no? Well, it seems that while he’s taking a beating from the hip-hop and urban crowds, the “fair and balanced” people of Fox News and their legion of followers are now assailing the Seattle rapper.

Someone on the right side of the political aisle got ahold of some of Macklemore’s old tweets and brought them back to the forefront. And as we’ve seen before, that’s almost always not a good thing.

From 2009, the tweet Macklemore* states “911…bush knocked down the towers”, and what ensued was a neo-conservative ass-kicking on his Facebook page.

No word yet on what Mack’s response to the “controversy” is. But, if he wants to escape the worst Grammy week since Chris Brown’s girlfriend went through his phone, Mack may want to lie low for awhile.

*Something that probably 50-60% of Americans have stated at one time or another.

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