EA Debuts Next-Gen Trailers For ‘Madden 25,’ ‘NBA Live 14,’ ‘FIFA 14’

06.11.13 5 years ago 11 Comments

madden 25

One of the best way to observe technological jumps from video game generation to video game generation is by observing sports games. Since we get a new Madden every year, it’d be easier to observe more subtle, minute differences between platforms than it would be with, say, a new Halo game.

So, with that being said, let’s take a look at trailers for three EA Sports releases set to grace the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The first one, Madden 25, looks pretty damn good; a shiny new coat of pixels will do that. Watch the trailer below, and head over to the game’s official website for actual gameplay changes. My gut reaction is that, if you’ve been churning out the same quality product for the last two decades, the souped-up A.I. and improved player physics won’t feel that different from last year’s incredible version. Not that you’ll have an alternative NFL experience on your console.

Next up, we have the black sheep in EA’s sporting family. The NBA Live name has fallen on hard times over the past few years, undergoing name changes and cancelled products as the NBA 2K series has reached unfuckwitable levels.

None of that’s stopping EA from trying to re-enter the ring, as this shiny new trailer with Kyrie Irving highlights. Realistic player models and movements are apparent (even though this isn’t actual gameplay we’re looking at), but, like Madden, EA’s official website doesn’t seem to highlight anything groundbreaking. But maybe that’s a good thing; after such along hiatus (last time we saw a Live title on a Best Buy shelf was back in 2009), keeping things simple while trying to reboot the overall product is probably for the best.

And, finally, EA’s golden goose, FIFA. One of the consistently best franchises in all of sports games, EA would do well to leave FIFA‘s excellent gameplay more or less unchanged. The shallow new trailer and lack of real information on changes makes it hard to judge the product from afar, so we’ll leave you with: next generation FIFA. Get excited.

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