Your Daily Crazy: Man Arrested For DUI On Horseback, Possession Of Marijuana & Moonshine

09.19.12 5 years ago 14 Comments

The great Commonwealth of Kentucky, that alligator-shaped slab of Appalachia and bluegrass, has given us plenty of things like Hunter S. Thompson and the curious thoughts of Rand Paul. It’s also given this great nation documented cases of DUI on horseback, the most oxymoronic citation ever doled out in this country built upon them.

According to WKYT’s broadcast, Jessamine County police booked 55-year-old Danny Reynolds after they found him taking a break off the side of a rural road to boost his sugar levels. Reynolds mentioned he had a few beers before jumping onto his trusted steed’s back but the police maintain ol’ boy Reynolds’ Blood-Alcohol Level was twice the state’s legal limit for operating a moving thing. They also found doobies and moonshine on him: prompting jail time and a potential revoking of his driver’s license. Woo! Go Big Blue Nation!

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