Manny Pacquiao Lost An Estimated $100 Million By Not Fighting Floyd Mayweather

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Words by Bansky

Floyd Mayweather’s latest fight with Canelo Alverez has all but been confirmed as the richest fight in boxing history. The pay-per-view generated $150 million dollars ($75 for the HD broadcast was the highest price tag for a fight ever, so that helps) and the live gate in Vegas totaled over $20 million. Long story short, “The One,” as it was dubbed, was a rousing success, and naturally when Floyd does things, Manny Pacquiao comes up.

Forbes estimates that Pacquiao lost out on a probable $100 million by not fighting Floyd over the last three years. As everyone remembers, negotiations in 2010 for a fight between the two hit a snag when Pacquiao balked at random blood testing, but a 50/50 split had been reportedly agreed upon, as well as other particulars and fickle things like who’s name would be first in the title and who would step on the scale first at the weigh in.

Now, more than three years later, a fight with nowhere close to the buzz Mayweather-Pacquiao had will generate over $200, half of which could have belonged to Manny. Manny, who suffered a devastating KO loss to Juan Manuel Marquez in December will never get that opportunity, the loss and the beef between Manny’s promoter Bob Arum and Floyd will be just too much to overcome and make the deal happen.

Reportedly, Floyd could see up to $90 million after all the “The One” revenue is accounted for, and while Manny has made his fair share of money in the time since, but his shot at a nine-figure pay day is long gone. That’s gotta hurt about as much as this.

Pacquiao’s next fight is November 24th versus Brandon Rios.

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