Marcus Manchild Sets The Record Straight On Where “Purple Swag” Really Came From

02.12.12 6 years ago 22 Comments

Thank God for Marcus Manchild.

Let me reiterate a point I made a few months ago: I have no problem with A$AP Rocky. He’s a kid from Harlem that grew up on southern Hip-Hop and his music reflects that. Plus, he’s paid homage by shouting out Houston and all of his influences throughout. So, there’s that.

I do, however have a problem with the same people that spent years trashing Master P, Houston rap and everything south of the Mason/Dixon line suddenly taking a liking to A$AP as if he’s presenting anything new to the table. Those are the people that piss me off.

Which is why I’m thanking God for Marcus Manchild. It’s about damn time a Southern rapper took the flag and spoke on the hypocrisy. Marcus doesn’t throw shots at any rappers, but he’s just making sure you know exactly where the tippin’ and purp came from. And beyond that, the H-town MC shows off that he’s got some serious chops. I’d only given his music a cursory listen up until this video and this video is some real spitting. The use of the Pimp C interview is epic as well.

Listening to “Purple Swag” made me visit Manchild’s Space Jams mixtape (stream/download it here) that has him tackling a few popular beats. While these sort of projects are generally played out in my book, Manchild manages to make each song his own. Consider me a fan of the newest Houston rapsmith.

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