Marian Mereba – “September” Video

06.19.14 4 years ago

Since her lovely Room For Living EP, Marian Mereba has popped up here and there alongside some of her ATLien contemporaries. Not only does it make sense that she’d team up with rapper/producer Forte Bowie for her latest song, “September,” but his production and her singing are a welcome fit.

As always is the case with her music, her soulful, timeless vibe reverberates through the song. Though she might come across as slightly scorned, or at the very least hurt, that emotion is what makes it so powerful. Plus, the captivating, backwards visual helps, too.

After listening to “September” and watching the video, it’s got me excited for what her Radio Flyer project has in store. Her Room For Living EP was dope because it was acoustic and literally recorded in her living room, but I’m excited to hear her in another avenue.

H/T: Greedmont

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