Ma$e – ‘Politically Incorrect’

08.29.14 3 years ago

Mase - Politically Incorrect

Ma$e is an easy target due to his wish-washy ways when it comes to jumping back and forth from the pulpit to the stage. This much we know and, in a way, it makes it hard for me to take his music seriously. Before pressing play on “Politically Incorrect,” I was ready to write the song off.

“Yeah I hear all the talk, But I’m also watching Zimmerman and Wilson walk”

But, again, that was until I pressed play and actually listened to what Betha had to say. His voice is a little off and annoying, yet I was able to get past that, too. Putting all that aside and focusing on his words give me enough reason to give him props. He manages to drop a couple of double entendres while dealing with the topics of drug dealers, Trayvon Martin’s murder and references to Ferguson (he also published the full lyrics here).

I guess it’s best not the shoot the messenger before first receiving the message.

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