Mase Allegedly Skips Out On $35K Unpaid Jewelry Tab, Gets Sued

01.02.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

“Former Bad Boy rapper-turned-preacher Mase is being sued for not paying a jewelry bill. According to, Aydin and Company, a jeweler located in Atlanta, Ga., has filed suit against the Harlem native for skipping out on a $35,000 bill. The company filed suit in Georgia, claiming that Mase has been delinquent on several bills dating back to 2005.

“Attempts to settle the legal discrepancy were shot down by Mase, who they accuse of ‘evading service.’ The company alleges that he has been dodging them for months, even having his staff turn representatives from the jewelry store away from his house. As a result, Aydin and Company has been forced to hire a process server to file an affidavit in the case.”

Read the full story at The Boombox.

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