100-Word Review: Maybach Music Group’s ‘Self Made Vol. 3’

09.23.13 4 years ago 7 Comments

maybach music grop - self-made-3

The redeemable qualities of Self Made 3 are few and far between. Shallow boasts of wealth and power is only one speed bump slowing down an album with more than its fair share. Very little cohesion throughout coupled with the lack of a standout single the first two installments boasted are only surface-level issues plaguing SM3. With the expected doses of bravado, financial superiority and everything in between, SM3 fails to paint itself as an album rich in replay value. However, if any positives remain, it’s the vastly under-acknowledged fact Omarion (“Know You Better”) has put out solid music since joining MMG.

MMG may or may not have peaked, but SM3 certainly doesn’t masquerade itself as more than tax write off either.

Standout Songs: “Black Grammys,” “Poor Decisions,” “The Great Americans”

Songs To Skip: “Kilo,” “Stack On My Belt”

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