Me Versus Me

10.15.08 9 years ago 9 Comments

A couple of my recent New Balance purchases.

By now, you’re well aware of recent affinity for borderline obnoxious color combos when it comes to sneakers (In fact, Contra™ called me “eccentric” when all this time I thought my preferences were quite normal). And yes, I have been preoccupied with NB’s…but I understand now that it’s partially to blame on Biz Markie.

On the past few days & weeks, we’ve been talking a lot about De La & how they made it okay to be a little left of center with your lifestyle. Biz had that same effect essentially. When speaking on comedic figures in rap, Biz is definitely ranked up there simply because who else could make a song about a tranny & have the gall to say “that’s a damn shame, he had nice tits”?

Well I got put on to Biz while in junior high. Fella was my barber & he was THE coolest, most nonchalant dude I knew who wasn’t on the TV screen. Now getting a haircut from Fella was hard as hell because he was one of those dudes who could take nearly an hour & change, with the actual haircutting process might only take about thirty minutes max. He was the cat who would answer the phone, take out the trash or eat a whiting sandwich in the middle of a haircut. His haircuts were precision though because he was the illest with the blades & could put any design in your head or lay down some razor sharp parts. A crown. Nike logo. Dollar signs. I digress on that aspect though.

What Fella did give me though was Biz Never Sleeps. A beatup, broken cassette tape that was almost done. And I listened to it until it got stuck in Juan’s car one day & we had to damn near break her stereo to get it out. We got it out & the car’s stereo survived; TBNS did not though.

By then, I had it memorized completely, knew every single word to each song, the ad-libs, everything. My favorite song had to be a toss up between “Things Get Easier,” “My Man Rich” and “Biz In Harmony.” For the purposes of this post & to tie together my rambling, we’ll focus on the carefree flow exhibited by Biz on “Me Versus Me.”

“The name of a baseball glove is a mitt
And what I need on my BMW is a kit
A preacher preaches from a pulpit
And my man Benny Hill, got a lot of wit
The rhymes that I say are the ultimate
And the way out anywhere is called an exit
A real short play is called a skit
And New Balance sneakers are legit…”

It’s real simple.

Fella was that dude (and looking back, I realize he was pretty eccentric in his own way). He cosigned Biz & hipped me to his music. Biz cosigned NB’s.

Therefore, in my mind, they’re one of the few brands that compete with Nike.

Thanks to The Diabolical for the inspiration…and to Fella as well.

Biz Markie – Me Versus Me

Bonus — Video: Biz Markie On It’s The Shoes

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