Meek Mill Dissed Cassidy Again Because

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02.07.13 16 Comments

Even though Meek’s sworn on multiple times that he was done dealing with Cassidy, he must’ve felt a certain kind of way when he appeared on Philly’s Hot 107.9 for The Q Deezy Show. Prepped freestyle or off-the-dome, who knows for sure. It seemed free but the lines connect so well we can tell the MMG player’s spent more time thinking about coming back at Cassidy than he’s previously let on. The only thing for certain is that Meek’s few minutes of light work > Cass’ rambling “R.A.I.D.” Stick and move, Cass, stick and move.

Also, make note that Meek says he won’t be “laying no more songs or letting nobody get no interviews” regarding the non-issue with Cassidy.

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