Meek Mill Announces His College Plans

01.22.16 2 years ago 8 Comments


Call him a Degree Chaser because Meek Mill is college-bound. The Philly rapper made the shocking announcement during a visit to Overbrook High School on Friday, where Meek spoke to students about chasing dreams and getting out the hood, probably.

“You want to count on people that’s way smarter than you, he’s heard saying in a short clip posted online. “People that went to college for these things. So, I just enrolled in college myself. Shout out to everybody in here that’s going to college.”

Meek dropped out of high school when he was a high school junior, eventually earning his GED diploma several years later. No word what he’s majoring in or even what college he’ll be attending, but kudos to him. I have no shade to throw or cynical jokes to make at a man who literally wants to “do the education.”

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