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10.12.08 9 years ago 11 Comments

Words By Malik V.

As someone who plans his days around sporting events, both the ones I play and the ones I watch, autumn is a beautiful thing. The NFL is in full swing, and as a result, I do all my homework on Saturdays so I can watch nine hours of football on Sundays. The NBA is on its way back, and the start of preseason games brings about the anticipation for opening tip-off night, which is just a few weeks away. While the pros make their money, the student-athletes do their thing on the field, making Thursday nights and Saturdays all the more enjoyable.

You may or may not have noticed, I made no mention of the MLB playoffs in my rundown.

I’ve given it a shitload of thought and I still have no idea why I don’t watch baseball. I don’t know if it’s just me or just where I live, but I’m not really feelin much passion for America’s so-called favorite pastime.

And unfortunately, it doesn’t exactly look like I’m the only one. With the Dodgers busting out the broom against the Cubs and several series ending in three or four games, there hasn’t been much drama. In addition to other sports, the debates have been attracting millions of viewers, probably taking away at least a few thousand potential baseball viewers. I’m sure sports fans in the East Coast watch a lot more baseball than we West Coasters do. But nationally, I’ll bet that the MLB playoffs can’t compare ratings-wise to even NFL pregame shows.

TBS hasn’t exactly impressed hardcore baseball fans with their coverage and many of the teams with major storylines, like the Cubs and Brewers, are already chillin back at home. And as always, the whole “baseball is too slow” and “I’m tired of seeing batters adjust their jockstraps after every pitch” arguments still fly. But still, there’s gotta be some drama to keep the television sets tuned to baseball. We hear about these drops in ratings every October and it doesn’t look like Major League Baseball knows how to fix the problem.

For now, I would rather watch Week 6 of the NFL season or a college game the caliber of a Oklahoma-Texas than postseason baseball. However for fans like me, there’s still time to get into baseball. Depending on who makes it to the World Series, I might just tune in and there’s still a chance for the ratings to take off. Maybe if irony will have it & the Nielsen gods wave their wand, the Dodgers and Red Sox will make it to the World Series.

I’ll watch just so I can hear what Red Sox fans will chant when Manny takes the field in Dodger blue at Fenway.

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