Method Man Talks Smoking Dust, Creating “C.R.E.A.M.” & Other Shaolin Secrets

10.19.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

Complex got Method Man to take part in one of their “25 Essentials” breakdowns and the outcome is one for the ages as Meth spills all kinds of info long held deep within the 36 Chambers.

On doing the hook for “C.R.E.A.M”:

“I wasn’t there when they recorded ‘C.R.E.A.M.’ I came in after the fact. RZA was like, ‘Put a hook on this song’ and I put a hook on it. That’s how it always went. I liked doing hooks.

“The hook for that was done by my man Raider Ruckus. We used to work at the Statue of Liberty and when we were coming home we used to come up with all these made-up words that were acronyms…We had words like ‘BIBWAM’ which meant, ‘Bitches Is Busted Without A Man’ and all this other crazy shit… You can’t do shit like that unless you got a brain in your fucking head! We had words like ‘BIBWAM’ which meant, ‘Bitches Is Busted Without A Man’ and all this other crazy shit. Raider Ruckus was so ill with the way he put the words together. We would call money ‘cream’ so he took each letter and made a word out of it and killed it the way he did it.”

On smoking dust while creating “Tical”:

“[One thing about that album,] dust is a powerful drug. I was dusted when I did [the title track ‘Tical’]. I could never do it on stage when I first did it because I was dusted when I did that record. I can do it now though. You can tell almost when I’m like, ‘What’s that shit that they be smoking!’ It goes off record, it goes on record. I was gone! I just wanted that to be known.”

The Ticallion Stallion also shares other tales about GZA and RZA doing the writing for ODB’s first album, his lost interest in making Wu-Tang Forever halfway through, writing “All I Need” while watching his girl sleep and a host of other interesting tidbits that would make up an ill VH1 special but already on Complex right now. Click through and enjoy.

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