Michael Jordan Walked In These Kids’ Classroom And They Completely Lost It

06.09.14 4 years ago 21 Comments

This was just an all-around awesome scene as a group of students from Hornets Nest Elementary School received the surprise of a lifetime. Only seconds after yelling “Let’s go, Hornets!,” the most famous (current) Hornet of them all appeared in their classroom. Just three quick thoughts:

1. The young lady in the purple was somehow more excited than the kids were.

2. The crazy thing about this clip is none of these kids were alive to see Jordan play. Not even the Wizards MJ.

3. There is no way in hell I would’ve acted like this had this happened to me. I’m 28-years-old. Also, it’s impossible to react hysterically when you’re passed out on the floor.

Michael Jordan is one of the few living adults who could elicit this sort of reaction out of people, regardless of race, age, creed or economic background. The only person in my lifetime who could do this was Michael Jackson.

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