Michael Phelps Listens To Eminem And Jeezy To Win Gold Medals

08.11.16 2 years ago

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Michael Phelps is that dude. He’s going down in history as one of the all-time greatest Olympians and is one of – if not the – premiere Olympic athlete of his generation. What’s important to us though is that he’s a hip-hop head and owes part of his success this summer to Eminem and Jeezy. Which would certainly explain his Anakin Skywalker-like stare from a few nights ago.

In a smaller part of a much larger story The New York Times casually dropped the tidbit that Detroit’s finest and the snow man are a part of Phelps’ “pre-race playlist.” No details on which songs he uses for butterflies, backstrokes, and breaststrokes, but it’s easy to imagine that playlist so how’s about we take a stab at it?

Obviously “Lose Yourself,” and “Go Crazy” are mandatory. Anything else would be uncivilized. From there, I imagine a mix of “Till I Collapse,” “Circulate,” “Mr 17.5,” and “Won’t Back Down.” If it were me, it’d just be anything from The Recession and Em’s Black Moon tribute, “Don’t Front.” Then again, I’m not the one chasing records with 24 medals to my name so maybe he doesn’t need my advice.

The other thing to take from this is that Eminem’s influence runs deep. First President Obama uses him for motivation and now Michael Phelps. Based on those results, maybe we all should start our day with a little Marshall.

(Via the New York Times)

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