Mike Bigga Salutes Guru

04.29.10 8 years ago 12 Comments

And letters from a dead man I do not trust…”

Upon another’s death, everyone has got their opinion, their dedication & attempt to add brevity to a situation. Especially in rap, the R.I.P. movement has been one filled with trite remembrances that lack a real connection with the dead. That’s where esteemed gentleman Bigga comes in with his accurate assessment of the sh#tstorm surrounding the death of Keithy E. the Guru. While hanging with the Tennesee Mixtape Titan Wally Sparks, Mike decided to share his .02, conveying what Gang Starr’s music meant to those of us that grew up with their discography and even saves a few barbs for, you guessed it, Solar.

Mike Bigga – “Guru Salute (Freestyle)” | Download

Wally’s Hip Hop Docktrine 3: The Final Chapter releases on May 2nd to coincide with the first episode of The Boondocks return to TV. Below, a little bonus in studio footage from the session from which this song came.

Via High Off Life

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