Mike Tyson On PTI: Boxing Champ Talks Robin Givens, Brad Pitt & His Broadway Play

06.26.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

Iron Mike may be lacking in many departments, but personality definitely isn’t one of them. While promoting his one-man Broadway show (jeez that sounds weird), he stopped by Pardon The Interruption for a quick Q&A with hosts Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser, where they discussed everything under the sun in typical Tyson style. Among the stories shared, Tyson dives into his messy divorce with Robin Givens where he hilariously shares a story of slandering her to his attorneys while still regularly visiting her for poon purposes. And of course there was that one time where the notoriously short-tempered boxer couldn’t find her at home and was on his way out when he witnessed her pulling in with Brad Pitt. Keep in mind Robin was driving a car paid for by Mike. To this day, Bradley should be counting his blessings for being able to leave the scene not in an ambulance.

Mike Tyson says his show is full of intimately revealing moments in his life and I want to watch it on the strength of this interview alone. If he has this much to share in 8 minutes, imagine what he’ll be talking about in person, on stage. Someone kindly fly me out to New York please. I’ll be forever grateful.

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