Missouri Governor: Release Of Alleged Michael Brown Robbery Video Is A Character Attack

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08.18.14 18 Comments
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Late last night the autopsy information for slain teenager Michael Brown was finally released but that was not the only new chapter added to the story in Ferguson on Sunday.

Yesterday morning, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon went on NBC’s Meet The Press and revealed that the footage of a convenience store robbery allegedly featuring Brown released by the police last week was not his decision and he believes that it was malicious in intent.

“We and our security team and the highway patrol didn’t know that was going to be released, and I don’t think the Attorney General knew that. Quite frankly we disagree deeply I think for two reasons. Number one to attempt in essence to disparage the character in the middle of a process like this is not right. It’s just not right. And secondarily it did put the community and, quite frankly, the region and the nation on alert again. These are old wounds, these are deep wounds in these communities and that action was not helpful.”

This is exactly what the Brown family attorneys alleged the day after the footage was released. To make matters worse Police Chief Thomas Jackson, who supposedly made the decision to release the footage, later revealed that the officer who killed Brown knew nothing of the robbery or of Brown being a suspect, further fueling speculation that releasing the footage was only to assassinate Brown’s character and make his killing somehow “acceptable.” Jackson had initially stated that Brown was stopped by the officer because he was a known suspect.

Nixon infers that Jackson is operating under his own accord and later responds to host Andrea Mitchell’s question as to whether the chief should be fired or step down.

“Rest assured we’ve had very serious discussions about that action and how much we thought that was not the right way to handle the victim’s family, which I had a chance to speak with. They were deeply troubled. When you see your son gunned down in the street and then you see a police chief begin an attempt to attack his character, that’s just not the way to operate and we’ve made that clear to everyone.​”

This is yet another incident displaying the lack of control and/or discipline of the police force in Ferguson. Nine days have passed since Brown was slain and the local police have yet to release an official incident report or Ferguson’s own autopsy. With all the new information and continued unrest, it’s reasonable to expect that things are going to get worse before it gets better unfortunately.

Watch a segment of Gov. Nixon’s interview below.


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