Missy Elliott’s New Song ‘Pep Rally’ Comes Just In Time For The Super Bowl

Managing Hip-Hop Editor

“Yeah we get cracking like we up at the Super Bowl”

Who’s better than Missy Elliott to get everyone revved up for the Super Bowl? No one, that’s who. Not when she’s cranking out celebratory tracks like “Pep Rally,” the upbeat tune she released on Saturday night.

The song’s release plays off a bit of timing on Missy’s part since she made a splash during last year’s Super Bowl by joining Katy Perry’s performance, almost a year ago to be exact. The showing created a return to music for Elliott, who released a new song and video called “WTF” in late 2015 and also featured on Janet Jackson’s most recent album. “Pep Rally” is a loud anthem that features a lot of her signature elements: deep bass, a dance-friendly groove, and call-and-response elements. Pick up the tune now on iTunes.

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