Mistah F.A.B, Kendrick Lamar And Crooked I’s ‘Survive’ Is The Collaboration You Need To Hear

05.13.16 2 years ago
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Faeva Afta / EMPIRE

There’s so much to love about Mistah F.A.B’s latest single, “Survive.” The production comes from Tha Bizness, who have been too quiet in the last few years. There’s a Kendrick Lamar verse that’s epic. Chicago singer Kobe Honeycutt delivers a hook with meaning and emotion. Crooked I shows up at the end to finish up the third act and doesn’t disappoint.

Simply because he’s Kendrick Lamar, everyone is going to highlight his verse more than F.A.B. or Crooked, but it’s actually the latter who has the best verse out of the trio. The vivid tale that Crooked spits is so detailed. There are no weak links on the song, but Crook’s verse just gives me chills:

“You walked in the apartment and saw your father on the carpet
With a belt wrapped around his arm and a scarf under his armpit
And a needle shoved under his bicep
Earlier you warned him that his addict habits are something you couldn’t digest
You cry, saying ‘I just don’t wanna see you die’
Now you trying to digest the fact that he hasn’t opened his eyes
You collapsed on his body and started thinking
‘I perform CPR and jump start his heart if it’s beating’
But his pulse started to weaken
Cardo region depleting
As you give him part of your breathing
He dead and gone and you had a bad feeling when you were heading home
Now it’s etched in stone
You’ve been left alone
So you grab this chrome gun, handle all pearl
Aw nah girl
Put it to your head thinking ‘fuck everybody’ like a call girl
In a small world
Then pull back but it didn’t clap, damn”

If all the songs continue to sound like “Survive” as well as the other two singles — “What Yo Hood Like” and “All Around The World” — Mistah F.A.B. is going to come through with a strong contender for album of the year with Son Of A Pimp 2.

(Via Rolling Stone)

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