Watch This ‘Money And Violence’ Season 2 Teaser Trailer Before The Show Returns In February

02.01.16 2 years ago 6 Comments

After waiting forever, cult classic web series Money and Violence is set to return in February with a brand new season for us to finally OBSERRRVE. Well, technically, it premieres on Tidal on February 9, which we pointed out days ago, then on their Cloud9TV website February 16, and then on YouTube February 17. But the point is, the return is real. To prove the pump fakes are over, Tidal premiered the official trailer for season two while you were sleeping. With quick shots of Rafe, Miz, Kane, and Mr. Respect Your Jaw, them young boys aren’t just back to wildin’, they’ve also stepped up the production value tenfold. I’d like to think my $20 donation did that.

In addition to better production value, season two means a “surprising” and “unexpected” shift for Killa Kane, according to what Money and Violence creator Moise “Rafe” Verneau told The Urban Daily late last year. We’ll also be getting new faces added to the series. “They can expect a couple of new characters. Probably a little more police involvement and the police having more of a presence. And they can also expect backstory on each character so they can get a better understanding of why they are the way that they are.”

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