Nelly Feat. Kelly Rowland – “Gone” Video

03.15.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

The hell with “keeping it real,” double entendres and Ashanti, Nelly is ’bout harmonizing with a child of destiny for the radio. Spell radio ladies and gents: m-o-n-e-y, radio! Spring break is a vacation from some, but for Nelly-n-Kelly, it’s life on the rocks. The salty, colorful rocks of ocean beach life.

For the record, I think this song is so cookie cutter, Cheryl’s & Co. gets a cut of the proceeds everytime it gets spun, and the album still isn’t worth your time. “Dilemma” this aye-not, but the presentation is executed with class and as an entertainer, we don’t demand to much more from the St. Lunatic.

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